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It's Only Forever

A Labyrinth RPG.

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It's only forever. Not long at all.

An entire year had passed since Sarah had overcome the challenge that Jareth, the King of Goblins, had set out before her. Afterward she packed up her childish toys and the book of the Labyrinth and left the world where it should've belonged -- in her past.

The dreams became more and more frequent. Less and less bearable. The mirror wasn't reflecting as it should and, after a final visit from her long time companion, Hoggle, the mirror had gone silent, raising the girl's concern. Then, after one vivid dream, Sarah found the book of the Labyrinth and daringly opened its cover only to find herself thrust back into the clutches of the Goblin King and his seemingly endless maze. The rules have changed this time, though, and Sarah finds herself facing more difficult challenges than she could've ever anticipated. With the return of old friends and the introduction of new ones, Sarah wonders if she can finally overthrow Jareth and defeat his Labyrinth once and for all.

its_onlyforever is an interactive fanfic brushed to life by the artistic talents of mystic_tundra as t_storyteller and jessierarr as nopowerover_me. In an unorthadox fashion, neither player owns a staple character besides the two mains of Sarah and Jareth. Plots are planned and prepared by t_storyteller but where they progress and how interactions take place are decided by nopowerover_me's reactions. Neither player has any idea what the other is going to post, so the readers will always be surprised to see what will happen next. It's a treat of a rollercoaster ride for both reader and player alike.

We have all the players that we need for this game. If you wish to watch, feel free!

For those of you who want to complain, all that means there's no godmoding characters, because we both use all characters. Everything regarding Labyrinth is copyrighted to the highly respected Jim Henson. No profit is being made, only enjoyment.